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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tsunami Debris

So according to a CNN article, the debris that was washed into the ocean from the Japan tsunami is predicted to cross the Pacific, pass Hawaii, swirl around the west coast of the US for a time, then boomerang back and finally settle near Hawaii.

Now, I know that no one wants an island of garbage forming in what is usually considered a tropical paradise, but I can't help but be fascinated by nature.

The place the garbage is predicted to settle is the North Pacific Garbage Patch. It's a nice big whirlpool where garbage grinds against garbage until there's almost nothing left of it. It amazes me that our waters can basically turn a heap of trash into a natural blender.

One thing I worry about is how much trash this whirlpool can handle. Will the "garbage island" be ground down over years and years? Or will it just clog the drain so to speak? Too many questions. Not enough answers. I suppose we'll find out within the coming years.

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