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Monday, April 4, 2011

The Return of the "Typo King"

So that title was my co-author's exact wording when he let me know he was back from his vacation. Writing can now resume since he has returned from his exile into the lands of dial-up connections. I didn't know people still used dial-up myself. Learn something new every day.

Writing for me isn't half as fun without Mark around, even when I'm writing my own stuff. There aren't the endless puns to groan at, the odd scenes that don't make any sense to stamp out, and there's no joking around with his wife at Mark's expense. No fun at all.

I'll admit, I've even been slacking in my writing. I recently got a Kindle, so I've been reading instead, and pretty voraciously too. I've never liked the idea of not being able to hold a book in my hands, but the Kindle has changed my mind. The only thing better, in my opinion anyway, is a hardcover book. I tend to destroy my favorite paperbacks simply from reading and re-reading, and I still enjoy the feel of a real book. But for books I'd probably buy in paperback anyway, the Kindle is great. I no longer destroy them.

This week though, it's back to writing. I think I needed a break myself. Proofreading and editing two books in a row can really wear you down.

So, anyway, welcome back, Mark. Now write, dammit! ;-)

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