Hello, and welcome to my little corner of quirkiness. The purpose of this blog is to make it easier to connect with my readers. It's really that simple. The name of the blog, "Quirky Dreams," is relevant only in that my dreams are often quirky, unusual ones, and they are also where I get many of my writing ideas from. I dream in full-length, color, high-def story lines, and if they are remembered, I write them down. Parts or all of these dreams may enter a story. A story might be based around a single dream or an idea from a dream. Regardless of which it is, this is my writing blog, so kick back in your chair, bed, recliner, or airport terminal, and enjoy the blog.

About Me

I'm a technical writer by day and a creative writer by night. I'm also a college student again for the second time around. This time, I'm going to be working on Engineering.

I have three cats, six parakeets, one sun conure, one jenday conure, two gerbils, and two hamsters (though the rodents and the sun conure are primarily the boyfriend's pets). We have an entire food chain at home, I know. Everyone's safe though! Separate rooms for each level of the food chain.

I write (and read) sci-fi/fantasy stuff. Most of it seems to turn out YA in the end, so you could probably classify me as a YA writer, though occasionally I dabble in more adult writing. The YA part is completely accidental, but I have mostly embraced this happy accident. I am still a kid at heart I think. Writing anything seriously dark can actually make me shake.

Outside of writing, I enjoy the outdoors, particularly forest (you will often see forests appear in my writing because of this). I care for my pets and love spending time with them, and I love martial arts. In particular, I practice Taekwondo and Wing Chun kung fu.

I live in New Jersey, and no, I do not think the northeastern part of the state should be classified as the "Garden State." Sadly, only the southern and western parts qualify for that title now.

I have no plans of ever posting a real-life picture of myself. I don't take myself seriously. Why should anyone else? ;-)

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