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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pets, Part 2

We got a new parakeet (Blackberry) as a companion for our first one (Kiwi). This time I made sure to pick a bird that looked bright-eyed, alert, clean, energetic, and confident. I even paid a little extra for what they call a "rare" parakeet just to get one that looked healthier than the rest. A "rare" parakeet is a nice little marketing scheme that means a parakeet bred to be a different color from the standard blue and green parakeets. I'm convinced it's an excuse to charge a little more for the animal, since I often see these "rare" parakeets mixed in with normal parakeets and going for the same price as the normal ones...but okay. Fine. I saw a very healthy looking bird and paid the extra $7 for it.

This is an experiment to see if my co-author is right. Perhaps I really don't check them thoroughly enough before purchase, or perhaps I just gravitate toward animals that need help.

I'm also hoping that a very healthy bird can teach Kiwi a few things. Like maybe what a cuttlebone is really for. I don't want to traumatize the little bird by taking her to get her beak trimmed. She's barely hand-trained.

So, let the experiment commence!