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Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I have the strangest luck with pets.

I always seem to get the pets that have something wrong with them. I'm not sure if it's that I somehow can sense an animal that needs special attention, or if they can sense that I'm the poor sap who can't look the other way when they need help, but every pet of mine has had an issue, whether physical or mental.

Cat #1 (Luna): Stomach problems, weight problems, and a victim personality. I actually had to train the poor thing to use the litterbox.

Cat #2 (Sinbad): Aggression issues, behavior issues. This cat actually sent me to the hospital, earning a grudging respect.

Cat #3 (Link): Anxiety issues and knee issues. Poor thing freaks at the slightest thing, tries to run off, and his knees pop. Then he limps painfully away. It's going to require surgery, the vet says.

Parakeet: Refuses to use the cuttlebone, refuses to come out of the cage most of the time, and dumps her food on the floor. Takes a sadistic joy in squawking loudly to wake everyone up on weekend mornings.

Ball Python: Shedding issues. The poor girl just cannot shed properly and constantly ends up with patches of skin covering her eyeballs. I have to help her out of her birthday suit.

2 Hamsters and 2 Gerbils: Perfectly normal little rodents, but this is because they belong to my boyfriend. Not me.

I don't think I have even once had a normal pet with no issues who behaves as a pet should. It always involves more than the usual amount of effort for me to take care of them. Not that I'm complaining. I love my pets, and I wouldn't trade them for all the money in the world. I'm just boggling at how I always end up with the difficult cases. Two of the cats I didn't even choose for myself. My grandfather picked out Luna, and I agreed to take Sinbad from a coworker before even seeing him (he was found in a parking lot, all alone, just a little orange fuzz ball).

Even before all this, I somehow found a kitty that was born with one kidney. She routinely had UTI problems and eventually died from kidney failure, despite everything we did.

There has to be some explanation. One day, I will figure out what that is!


  1. Sounds to me like you take on pets without getting them checked out first. (At least in Sinbad's case) But this is not a criticism. In this day and age where owners routinely get rid of animals who become inconvenient, I think it's very noble of you to give the "quirky ones" the love you do. Even when they do land you in the hospital.

  2. I've also got a soft spot for hard cases. The lost kitten found alone in a parking lot...the one parakeet who was being kept all alone in a tank...

    Thinking about it, I guess it IS my fault. :)