Hello, and welcome to my little corner of quirkiness. The purpose of this blog is to make it easier to connect with my readers. It's really that simple. The name of the blog, "Quirky Dreams," is relevant only in that my dreams are often quirky, unusual ones, and they are also where I get many of my writing ideas from. I dream in full-length, color, high-def story lines, and if they are remembered, I write them down. Parts or all of these dreams may enter a story. A story might be based around a single dream or an idea from a dream. Regardless of which it is, this is my writing blog, so kick back in your chair, bed, recliner, or airport terminal, and enjoy the blog.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Read an E-Book Week Promotion

So, every March over at Smashwords.com, they have a "Read an E-Book Week." It's a pretty nice idea, I thought, so I downloaded an e-book myself from an author who only posted it maybe four days ago.

Well, the storyline is good, but I'm having issues with the sheer number of typos in it. I wish authors would proofread their work more often than they do. Every time I come across a typo it literally jars me out of the world the author has created.

Typos aside though, The Three Irks is currently discounted on Smashwords as part of Read an E-Book Week. Enter the code RAE25 at checkout to take advantage of it for the next few days!

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