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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dreams, Radiation, and Islands

I've been having a lot of very strange dreams lately, especially regarding my family. My family isn't the most normal one. Nor is it the strangest one. We've got our problems and our good points. It's been a little strained there lately though, so my brain is probably telling me to get off my butt and fix it. I can't wait to get back to normal dreams. Sometimes dreams of being in a plane and plummeting toward earth or dreams about World War II are preferable to family stress.

As for the whole radiation mess, I have to admit that I've been following the news as much as I can. I'm kinda wondering just how bad the area is going to get. When the plume of radiation made for California, a friend out there told me that the entire area he was in had sold out of geiger counters. Not that they got a huge dose of radiation. It's supposed to be very low. All the same, a friend's blog made me wonder where all that water they're spraying into the reactors is going. Radioactive water is still radioactive, after all. I'm no scientist, but that doesn't exactly conjure up good images.

On another note, I am looking to find out how the shrine and hostel on Kinkasan Island did with the quake and tsunami. It was supposed to be the closest island to the quake. Anyone know?

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