Hello, and welcome to my little corner of quirkiness. The purpose of this blog is to make it easier to connect with my readers. It's really that simple. The name of the blog, "Quirky Dreams," is relevant only in that my dreams are often quirky, unusual ones, and they are also where I get many of my writing ideas from. I dream in full-length, color, high-def story lines, and if they are remembered, I write them down. Parts or all of these dreams may enter a story. A story might be based around a single dream or an idea from a dream. Regardless of which it is, this is my writing blog, so kick back in your chair, bed, recliner, or airport terminal, and enjoy the blog.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


So, Cat o' Nine 2 is just about done. A friend of Mark's is giving it one last look over before we publish it. We're currently working on the cover for it. With some luck, it might turn out better than the last one (definitely a good thing - I don't think I was ever quite satisfied with the cover for book 1). We're also planning on including some maps, so maybe Mark and I won't get so confused about where our characters are heading now (we frequently argue over what towns/cities are located where and have to look this up)!

Cat o' Nine 3 is pretty much outlined. It's time for a journey to the frozen north. I won't say much more beyond that.

We have nine books planned at this point and very vaguely and tentatively outlined. The entire plot is still open for revision. Nine books wasn't our idea, but it was a good one, so we went with it. One of Mark's friends came up with it, but I'm not sure who, exactly.

In other news, the second The Three Irks book is slowly coming along. Very slowly. I'm fiddling around with the outline again. There are some parts I'm just not happy with yet (luckily, I haven't written up to that point yet). This book is from Virk's point of view, and readers can get to know her a little better.

I'm tossing some ideas around for a one-off book. I don't like how everything I write lately becomes a series, and I don't know how wise it would be to marry myself to more than two series at once. I think that'd be biting off more than I can chew, especially with working full time and going to school. Besides, it'd be nice to write something where everything gets wrapped up nicely at the end!

College classes finally started for me, so my writing will slow a little. I'm prepping for mechanical engineering, but ironically, I'm taking a required writing course. I'm hoping to learn something useful, but I'm not sure how well a research paper course will apply to creative writing. I have an excellent teacher though, so I can't complain too much. It's a four hour long class, so I appreciate his ability to hold our attention. A boring professor for that long would be absolute torture. I just wish the reading assignments weren't so dry.

So that's the latest update and why I've been so quiet here for so long. So much writing to do and so little time!


  1. What you COULD do is write a book about a minor character in a series. Tom Clancy did that with Clark from the Jack Ryan series.

  2. I could also write about Mark and the pink tutu of doom... ;-)

  3. I don't know what you're talking about. :-P