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Monday, May 16, 2011

Ad-Ventures With Kindle

So marketers are looking for all new ways to get our attention again. This time, the medium isn't email, or television, or annoying pop-ups. The medium is the Kindle.

For just a few dollars less than the normal retail price, you too can be bombarded by ads!

Amazon put out a Kindle that is $25 cheaper in return for displaying a stream of ads on it. You'd think that for having to put up with a slew of annoying marketing, they would give you a slightly larger discount.

I can't speak for everyone else, but I very much enjoy my ad-free Kindle. I'm incredibly burned out on internet ads. My eyes are trained to skip over them, unless they happen to be entertaining. If an ad is too annoying, I leave the page, especially if it has obnoxious audio or irritating flash sequences.

So why would I buy a Kindle that displays the very things I can't stand looking at?

Not everyone thinks the way I do though. Some people are happy to save an extra $25 on price if it means they just have to ignore a few ads to use their Kindle. Cool. Go for it. Enjoy yourself!

This writer though is tired of ads appearing in every possible medium. I'd like to keep my Kindle pure and unsullied, even if it means paying a little more for that luxury.


  1. To be fair, the ads are only displayed as a "screen saver", i.e. when it's not displaying a book to read.

  2. If you look further down at the image below the screen saver one, you can see an ad bar at the bottom of the home screen too.

  3. I'm with you on the ad free. I bought Tivo so I could fast forward through commercials. And I'd happy pay any extra $25 for distraction free reading. The last thing I want when settling on the recliner with a good book is some one going "HEY! FOR JUST A SMALL FEE YOU TOO CAN HAVE SOMETHING YOU REALLY DON'T NEED! BUT IF YOU BUY IT, YOU'LL BE POPULAR, HAPPY, BEAUTIFUL! WOMEN (or MEN) WILL BE THROWING THEMSELVES AT YOU! CELEBRITIES WERE PAID TO ENDORSE IT, BUT IF YOU BUY IT, YOU'LL BE AS GOOD AS THEM!...

    Ugh. NO thanks. I got annoyed writing my own comment.